This is the final project for CSC424 Software Devlopment II. This was the capstone class for my undergraduate degree. This was a group project that I worked on with one other person. For this project, we decided to create an online coding problem website. People would log in, select a coding problem, and write the code in the browser. They would then submit the code, and the website would execute the code and check it to see if the answer was correct.

For this project, my partner handled most of the backend compilation code, and I handled most of the front end website code. To build the website, we made use of Python Flask with Jinja 2 templating. The following are some of the things I worked on for the website:

  • A database to store login details, assignment scores, and other content.
  • A login system that made use of “login using” Google, Facebook, Github, and several other login authorizations.
  • Dynamic web content that was accessed through the database, making it easier to modify webpages.
  • An in website code editor with full syntax highlighting and other tools.
  • A user account page that kept track of all assignments and score
  • A search toolbar that was able to search through all site content quickly.

Unfortunately, I have currently have no screen shots of the website. This project was created several years ago, and I seem to be missing the database dump file that stored all of our content. I am still looking for it, and I will update further when I find it. The code can be found on my Github page. Our final project report is shown below.

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