This was my final project for my CSC733 Distributed Database class. This wasn’t a full semester project, so it was more of a proof of concept than an actual project. This project was hosted on IBM Bluemix, now called IBM Cloud. One of the main goals of this was project was to get the students familiar with hosting projects on a platform as a service (PaaS). Much of the earlier parts of the semester was spent learning the setup and deployment on IBM Cloud.

As for the project itself, it was a basic inventory control system. The problem that we were to simulate was a setup of having multiple warehouses with different inventories and a central website used for ordering items. We were encouraged to try out different features of the IBM Cloud platform. I chose to develop my website using Python Flask, Bootstrap, and Cloudant CouchDB. The website I developed was a bare bones proof of concept. The project was focused more on learning and implementing the backend of the distributed database.

The project report showing the website and giving more implementation details can be found below. The code for the project can be found on my Github page.

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