Atlanta Accidents and Traffic Delays

This project takes a look at traffic around Atlanta, Georgia for the years 2017-2020. Since I didn’t have many projects on my website, I decided I wanted to put together a few smaller basic projects. For this project, I wanted to get some more practice with cleaning data, working with... [Read More]

COS703 - Final Project

This is the final project for my COS703 Data Handling Techniques course. All other assignments from this course were questions from the textbook, so I’m not going to post those for other people to copy. [Read More]

Mixture Density Network

This was a project that was worked on during my time doing graduate research. At the time, our computing cluster had C++ with some fairly old compilers. We wanted to use a Mixture Density Network in a project, and the neural network libraries we were using at the time couldn’t... [Read More]

Model AI Assignment - Strimko Solver

This project led to a publication in the conference journal of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2014. This project was designed as an undergraduate classroom project in artificial intelligence. I worked on this assignment in coordination with my advisor. The project uses the game Strimko which... [Read More]